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Here's the deal. The works presented in the gallery pages on this site represent some things I've been exploring over the last few years. In a sense it's been an ongoing exercise to see where I could go creatively once I'd let go of certain inhibitions with respect to subject matter.

There may be those who may say I've gone too far, others, not far enough. I'll leave that to be kicked about as a matter of conjecture. These works have, by and large, sat unseen in a folio case, except by myself and a very few others who responded quite positively. Frankly, their reactions were way beyond what I felt I had a right to expect. Hence, I felt compelled to create this site.

It's my hope that you enjoy what I've done and will continue to explore artistically. Feel free to contact me with any comments and/or questions. Also, if you are interested in acquiring any of the works, they are available for purchase.


Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your time here..


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RamStar Artwork Expands into New Realms!!


For a look at my--er-- kinder gentler work, check out:


June 2,2008

What's New


New additions to the Knots and Straps gallery..

Check out what the artist had to say about art and life and...stuff in an interview conducted by author Penelope Flynn on October 19, 2007. Click the link below.

Listen to In Like Flynn on internet talk radio



I've also added some pieces by Pablocomics to the Guest and Friends gallery alongside works by his countryman Enrique Lopez Lorezana.



Tuscany Blu was kind enough to create an animated gif banner for me. There's still tons of room on the Links page. If you've got abanner or link you'd like to share, we got a place for it..

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Check out RLC. You might even find me wandering around there.


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